Lincoln, Happy 3rd Birthday

Dear Lincoln,

Today you turned three. It seems like just yesterday when you arrived. I can’t believe how big you’ve grown, you are amazing. We started the morning with a pancake breakfast and now you’re off to homeschool co-op with your brothers for the morning.

A year ago we had your second birthday party at Chick-fil-a. You had tons of friends there, but somehow, everyone got sick 24 hours later. It was a mess, not as fun as planned, but a funny memory now that it’s past.

This year was a big year for you. You learned to talk much better, you can count pretty well, you’re learning your colors and shapes, and most importantly, you don’t wear diapers anymore. You were not officially on any sports teams, but you enjoyed going with your brothers to baseball, soccer, and football. You can hold you’re own with kids much older and are going to be a great athlete someday.

You spent a lot of time with friends and family this year. The Webster’s are like your second set of brothers and there are few you love to smash swords with more then Tyler. Although you may not know it yet, we’ve made a pact with the Pacetti family for you to marry Addie — she’s pretty, smart, has solid parents and can hold up to you in an eating contest.

You spent the night a few times with Gigi & Gramps and Aunt Katie & Uncle David. You love Gigi & Gramp’s chickens from a distance but are not as big a fan of Murphy (Katie & David’s dog).

We had more fun this year than any of us deserve, we got to go to the Zoo, The Mountains, The Beach, and Legoland. (When I was a kid…. oh nevermind.)

The most challenging part of the year (and your life) was during our vacation to Hammock Beach. We were on the last day of vacation and you tripped and fell in the hall. I picked you up and put you back on your feet but you couldn’t stand. We didn’t know it at the time, but you had broken your femur. We took you to Daytona’s hospital and were transported to Wolfson’s in Jacksonville. They couldn’t set your leg until the next morning. Those hours were the longest of my life. I would have traded places with you in an instant. Seeing you lay helpless and in severe pain was possibly the most difficult day of my life. The next 6 weeks you spent in an almost full body cast. You couldn’t sit up or lay down, but you handled it like a trooper. It was a tough 6 weeks, but your brothers and your mother help make it as easy as possible.

You’d never know now that you were in such a sad state with your leg, you run with the best of them and are as crazy as ever.

You’re favorite toy is Lightening McQueen or anything Cars related. You’ll carry those cars around all day long.

At your age, you won’t remember most of this, but I’ve got the pictures to prove it. This year we laughed a lot, cried a little, and grew together.

My greatest desire for you is that you will learn to know Christ and follow his path all the days of your live. Know that there is only one person on this planet that I love more than you and your brothers, and that is your mother. She is a selfless, loving, beautiful, incredible mother, teacher, wife, and best friend to your daddy. She is so good to us and deserves for you to respect her in every way as you grow.

If you don’t marry Addie as planned, look for a woman like your mother and your life will only be the better for it.

Happy 3rd Birthday to you, our baby, Lincoln Graham Owen. I love you.


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