…in mysterious ways.

This past weekend, after a LONG walk down the beach, my wife and I sat watching the ocean as the sun slowly faded away. With all the beauty of nature, we got to talking about God.

The sun was almost completely gone and it was getting very dark. I wondered out loud, “if God wants us to know him so bad, why does he not just revel himself to us as he did to Abraham.” Why does he not just speak or open up the sky and say, “here I am, trust in me.”

Just moments after I had asked this question, I noticed what look like a large orange cloud rising in the distance. We couldn’t quite tell what it was. As it continued to rise, it took shape and we realized it was the moon. It was full and orange, reaching up over the calm ocean. Spectacular is an understatement.

Orange MoonWe sat and watch as the moon rose into the sky. Maybe it was just the moon rising and it was all a big coincidence. Or maybe it was God saying “Here I am, trust in me.”

I rarely believe in coincidence and I do believe that God speaks to us today. It may not be in words as he did to Abraham, but he speaks none the less.

His creation, which happened to be the ocean and the moon that night, have always been the strongest sign to me that there must be a grand Creator.

Indeed, the Lord moves in mysterious ways.

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