Happy 5th Birthday Oliver

My Dear Oliver,

You turned 5 today and I can’t believe it. You ran into our room at your usually 7AM, on the spot time, and said “wake up, it’s my birthday!” Your mommy had decorated the dinning room and set our a few presents for you from your brothers, her, and I. We all got up and made a huge breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage (it took me two trips to Publix to get everything we needed). Tonight we went to Outback (your choice — for the ribs) with Gigi and Gramps to celebrate and Saturday you’re having an Avengers Party with your friends.

So much has happened in the last 5 years and even the last year. You’ve gone from barely being able to make it out onto the field in soccer to scoring your first goal, you’ve learned your letters, numbers, and perfected your shapes and colors. You are truly a special child.

You have a charm that people are drawn to, you have a smile that will one day melt girl’s hearts, and a kindness for others like few your age. Sometimes you can also be a little too whiny and you’re almost always the first one to get hurt, but thankfully you have a good mommy to help bring you back to health.

Most importantly, you are a child of God. You are known and loved by an almighty creator who knows every hair on your head (as short as they may be). You are set apart and precious to Him — and to us. You have two brothers who would fight for you (and with you) any day and a mother and father who love you unconditionally.

Know this — I love you. Know that the only person on this earth I will love more than you and your brothers is your mother. I will work hard to raise you, with your mother, in the way you should go and one day, we will let you out of the nest. I pray for you every day and will as long as I live.

You are one half decade old today, and it seems like just yesterday I held you, and your giant baby head, on your very first birthday. I hope that your 5th year is the best of your life, at least until your 6th.

Happy Birthday Oliver.

With my unconditional love,

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