America’s New Civil War

We are a nation divided. We may not be standing on hills and shooting at each other with bullets, but we are with words. The political environment is so polarized that nothing productive can be done (on either side).

Almost half of our country believes in big government solutions and the other half in limited government solutions. One side believes in taxing the rich to pay for the poor and the other side believes in individual liberty. One side believes in unions and the other in private enterprise. Where is the compromise on these issues? How do you reconcile these ideas?

It seems we are in a deadlock where both sides are just banging their heads against the wall. Will one side eventually crumble and given or will one side eventually convence enough people that will give them the majority?

This political, ideological civil war could be the great undoing of our nation.

Ultimately, we probably all (left & right) need to do a little more listening and a little less talking. Understand the other side, try to share our own beliefs in a reasonable fashion and make progress where there is common ground.

The question remains however… what about the areas (big areas), where there really is no common ground? What then?

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