Walter E. Williams & Taxation

While listening to the radio today, Walter E. Williams, was substituting for Rush Limbaugh (who was busy getting married). Every time I hear Mr. Williams it has really be a treat. He is clearly extremely intelligent and well spoken, but has a way of bringing very complex economic ideas down to a simple example.

Here is one that I found extremely interesting regarding taxation. It goes something like this.

A man is walking down the street and sees a poor, hungry, old lady on the side of the road. He says to himself “I need to help this person.” He then pulls out his gun, walks up to you and says “give me your money now.” He takes your money and goes to buy the women food, shelter, clothing, and maybe even a car and a new cell phone.

What would this man be committed of? Robbery. Thief. Etc. While the result of what he was using the money for was good, the way he went about it was not. Theft is theft.

How then is it any different for the Federal Government to come in and force one tax payer to give them their money so that they can redistribute it to another tax payer which that Government deems to be worthy of these funds? How does this in any way equate to protecting the constitution?

Thus is taxation in America today.

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