A time to speak up.

Writing is not something that I do well. Grammar and spelling are, and have been one of my weakest skills for a long time. That may be the reason I have waited until now to write anything outside of Facebook or e-mails.

I have always heard that the best way to overcome a weakness is to just grab it by the horns and wrestle it to the ground. That is what I will attempt to do here. If you see some errors – feel free to point them out – I am not ashamed to know when I am wrong and try to learn from it. But know that it is always less about the structure and more about the thoughts for me.

There will be many things that I write about here. Sometimes on a daily basis, maybe once a week or maybe less. It just depends on how much time I have and how much I feel like I need to say.

Topics will be things that are of interest to me and in focus in my life. They will include (but are not limited to) politics, children (I have 3 boys), family, religion, design, business, and life in general. Basically, anything that would usually start a fight around the holiday dinner table or raise a few eyebrows – that’s the fun stuff to talk about.

I have very strong beliefs that have been engrained in me from my activities, friends, family, and my own life experience. I am very creative (I run a web design business, am heavily involved in performing arts) and very analytical (I have always loved math, logic and good, sound reasoning). You could say that I am both left and right brained – which can be interesting at times.

If you don’t like something I have to say and don’t want to read it — then don’t. If you do, I would love to hear from you about any of the topics we may discuss here.

While the opinions I will share here may offend some, I am rarely offended or surprised myself. I have people of all walks of life in my life and I am thankful for that. It is the vigorous debate of ideas and principles that makes us human and we are all better for it. The day we all think the same, look the same, talk the same, and act the same is the day we have all become robots or maybe something worse.

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