To my Princess – Eva Pearl Owen

My dear, precious Eva,

Welcome to the world. You can’t read this yet, but I will read it to you. Don’t worry, your mother will teach you to read before you know it — she’s better at that than me.

We have prayed for you for almost two years. I wasn’t sure I wanted to adopt at first, but I prayed for God to open my heart, if it was His will, and he did. We could not be more excited to welcome you into our family.

Your birth mother could have made many choices, but for you, she choose life. And so we will call you Eva — which means life. Eva is also your mother’s grandmas name. Your middle name, Pearl, is for a very special woman who I call Nanny.  She rocked me for endless hours when I was a baby and she is the lived out definition of love. She will be so proud of you and will love you as she has so many other grandchildren.

Your three brothers have prayed for a baby sister and are so excited to care for you. They will hold you, kiss you, and help feed you. As you get older, they will protect you and love you as a brother should — I will make sure of it. Sometimes (probably often), they will be annoying and probably stir up trouble — that’s what boys do — don’t forget it. Daddy lesson #1: boys are trouble.

After we had three boys, I didn’t think I would have my Cinderella, but here you are. Our princess has arrive. Know this — that I will love you with unconditional love, that I will hold you, protect you, laugh with you, cry with you, and cherish you as a spectacular blessing from God. I will be firm, when you need me to be firm, and I will be soft, when you need me to be soft.

Sometimes I will say things I shouldn’t say, I will make bad decisions, and I will mess up — I am not a perfect Father. But when I am wrong, by the grace of God, I will tell you I am sorry and I will lead our family by example. The good news is that your Father in Heaven is perfect and will always be with you. Always be reminded that Jesus said “I have come that you may have LIFE, and have it to the full.”

This world in which you have been born is not perfect either — it is fallen — but within what can seem like much chaos, God has crafted such beauty. Eva, my precious angel, you were made in HIS image. There will be people in life that try to bring you down and times that you will stray from the straight and narrow, but you’ll always be welcome home by your mother and I and by your Father in heaven.

We likely have many sleepless nights ahead, but before you know it, I’ll be wondering were my baby girl went, as I watch you grow into a little girl, and eventually into a shinning woman.

Eva, I love you and will love you all the days of my life.

-Your Daddy

P.S. I’m posting this publicly not because it’s anyone elses business, but so that I may be held accountable for my words should that be a necessary.

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