Project Management and Waiting Tables

Waiting tables should be a requirement for life. Learning to serve others, quickly, with lots of details, and with a good attitude is not an easy job. It takes long hours on your feet, lots of focus, and lots of patients.

Great waters would make great project managers. Regardless of the business, a project manager is very similar to a waiter. They service a variety of customers at once, have a certain rotation, and often work from the time a custom sits down until the time they pay the bill.

Project management requires focus and discipline with task management. If a table has sat around too long and not given you their order (or feedback on a project), it can be easy to let them slip out of rotation and hard to keep track of. If you take sloppy notes, it can be easy to get the order wrong.

Project managers should study good waters and learn something.

Apple Support is How Customer Support Should Be

Apple’s customer support is incredible.

I have been having an issue with the home button on my iPhone not working correctly. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Needless to say, it’s extremely annoying.

I went over to Apple’s Service & Repair website today and had a great experience with the repair process. Visited the site, entered my serial number and then clicked for Apple to “call me now”. Entered my phone number and appleid and password. A few moments later, my phone rang with a friendly customer support rep located just north of me in Savannah, GA (not India or anywhere else).

I explained the situation and in less than 10 minutes, she had setup an express repair order. According to the representative, I’ll have a new iPhone overnighted to me and in my hands tomorrow. (no cost to me… other than the AppleCare warranty IĀ purchasedĀ over a year ago)

So in less than 30 minutes from the time I decided to contact them, I had spoken to a rep and have a new phone on the way. Thats how support should work everywhere.