Time to Grow Up America!

America, we have a problem. While our past is littered with prejudice and discrimination, I would argue that we are now becoming more divided than ever before.

We the people are so concerned with fitting into a specific category or brand. It’s a constant male/female, black/white, gay/straight, christian/muslim/atheist, conservative/liberal, rich/poor, etc. etc. We need to start being individuals that stand on principles, character, values, and actions — not on labels or brands.

There is so much division based on labels and preconceived notions of who someone is. It is not one side or another that perpetrates it, yet we are continuing down a path of more division rather than more unity.

We will continue to bang our heads against a wall as a nation, if we are unable to find the areas we do agree on and make progress. There is no question that there are deep differences in philosophy regarding many important issues and those things should be debated and discussed, but they should be done so in a way that avoids the constant labeling and name calling like we are still in 7th grade.

Time to grow up America… or we will fall.

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